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How To Get The Best Letters Of Recommendation

MBA Admissions: Selecting Your Recommenders is the latest post in our series, Navigate the MBA Maze. The best letters of recommendation come from people who have seen you perform. The weakest letters are of the â€Å"character reference† variety (from the clergy member who knows you only as a person who dozes during weekly services) or the VIP genre (from influential people like your mother’s college roommate’s sister, who is on an admissions committee). In both cases, the recommender barely knows you. A letter need not be lengthy to be effective, and the writer need not have known you since grade school. A letter from an immediate supervisor who describes your work and rates your performance as much stronger than that of other employees in similar positions, tells an admissions committee something significant about you. It’s important to avoid repetition and duplication in your letters. â€Å"Only one recommendation per single source† is a good rule of thumb. Each letter should highlight a different facet of you and your accomplishments and, ideally, present you from a different vantage point. If you have a job in which you report to more than one person, don’t ask each person for a letter. Ask one of them and then ask another supervisor from a different project or a previous position. Last but not least, request your letters in person whenever possible, and give each recommender a copy of your resume and your personal statement. Ask the person if s/he is able to write you a strong letter, and offer to provide any additional material the person requests. hbspt.cta.load(58291, '468543e9-2fbf-46b9-abeb-b88daaf6ae14', {}); For 25 years, Accepted has helped business school applicants gain acceptance to top programs. Our outstanding team of MBA admissions consultants features former business school admissions directors and professional writers who have guided our clients to admission at top MBA, EMBA, and other graduate business programs worldwide including Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Booth, INSEAD, London Business School, and many more.  Want an MBA admissions expert  to help you get Accepted? Click here to get in touch! Related Resources: †¢Ã‚  Navigating the MBA Maze †¢Ã‚  MBA Letters Of Recommendation †¢Ã‚  10 Tips for Writing MBA Letters of Recommendation

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Essay On His Prophets - 1437 Words

Once Balaam’s eyes were opened, he fell to his face because he could go no lower than the ground that supported him. It is not uncommon for God to give His prophets their most powerful revelations during moments of extreme rebellion, sin binges, and fatal moves, and not during long fasts, or deep consecrations as some would suspect. Stern rebukes might come by angelic interventions, trances, transportation to the throne room, and divine visions or dreams. Gods’ aim? To keep the prophets from sabotaging their divine destiny. Balaam responded to the sworn-drawn angel with â€Å"I have sinned,† as did nine others in scripture--but not all received pardon. Pharaoh uttered â€Å"I have sinned† twice during the devastation of his dynasty through†¦show more content†¦But the kind of sorrow the world has †¢brings [leads to; results in] death. EXB After the rebuke, God granted him permission to go to Balak, but with the command that he must speak only that which he was bidden by heaven. Two things were at play here. Firstly, the prophet was being given over to his own devises. â€Å"But my people would not hearken to my voice; and Israel would none of me. So I gave them up unto their own hearts lust: and they walked in their own counsels† (Psalms 81:11-12). Secondly, God wanted to prove to Moab and Midian that Israel possessed impenetrable divine protection. Balaam verified this in one of his utterances. â€Å"Surely there is no enchantment against Jacob, neither is there any divination against Israel: according to this time it shall be said of Jacob and of Israel, What hath God wrought† (Numbers 23:23)! King Balak took the prophet up to a mountainous terrain overlooking the entire Israeli camp west of the Jordan River. Burnt offerings were made upon seven altars at three different locations and, after seeking the word of Lord, Balaam opened his mouth and blessed Israel each time, much to the Balak’s dismay. The first prophecy spoke of Israel’s divine favor, expansion and her distinction as a separate nation. Within this utterance, Balaam revealed his inward intent to curse Israel. How shall I curse, whom God hathShow MoreRelatedElijah The Prophet By Elijah1099 Words   |  5 PagesElijah the Prophet I have decided to write my Old Testament essay on the mysterious prophet Elijah. According to the bible, in the book of Kings, Elijah was not only a devoted prophet of God, but he also served as a worker who lived in the northern kingdom of Israel, under King Ahab’s reign. Elijah is remembered for his remarkable faith and devotion to God. In writing this essay, I will tell the story of one the many adventures that occurred in Elijah s lifetime. Of course, there are so many alterationsRead MoreDifferences Between Sunni Creed And Zayid Creed1363 Words   |  6 PagesImam al-Mutawakkil have some major fundamental differences, as you may expect since both come from opposite spectrums of Islam; but, after careful analysis, one may be surprised to find that both creeds hold a fair amount of similarities. In this essay, I plan to compare and contrast the Sunni creed and Zayid creed by showing you evidence of the significant similarities and differences in these two short texts. Even though one branch may have something that the other may not have, one can still seeRead MoreEssay on Theme of Blindness in Sophocles Oedipus the King758 Words   |  4 Pagesmurder his father and marry his mother. After reading or viewing this play, it is apparent that there are a few different themes, though the one which will be discussed in this essay is the theme of blindness. The theme of blindness is shown through the blind prophet, through Oedipus?s blindness in realizing the truth, and finally through Oedipus stabbing his own eyes to the point of blindness. The first way that blindness is portrayed in this play is through Teiresias, who is a blind prophet. HeRead MoreDoomsday: The Rebuttal Essay906 Words   |  4 Pagesend of age. With the emergence of Doomsday prophets have also emerged fallacies that preach propaganda to audiences of those seeking immunity from one sole apocalyptic day. One author in particular is Ronald Bailey. According to, Ronald Bailey has been a science writer for Forbes magazine and wrote an essay called Seven Doomsday Myths About The Environment. Bailey wrote this essay in response to fallacies concerning Doomsday. In his essay he attempts to identify fallacies that areRead MoreISLAM1644 Words   |  7 Pages REL1006S: COURSE ESSAY Discuss how Islam is a quest to be faithful to the transcendent, both directly and through social engagement Islam is a religion based on the belief in one God, His messenger and the four other pillars. These five pillars are central to Muslims, followers of Islam and mould their beings and are part of their everyday lives. This essay will look at the abovementioned pillars, what they are and how they form part of the quest to be faithful to the transcendent. Mention willRead MoreThe Life Of Prophet Muhammad1045 Words   |  5 PagesAmine Lehachi Islamic History 1100 Mrs. Jorati September 20th, 2015 The Life of Prophet Muhammad The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH-Peace be upon him) is the messenger of God in Islam. He was born in the city of Makkah (Mecca) in the Arabian Peninsula around 570 CE. Many historians believe he became an orphan at a very early age. The Arabian Peninsula at the time had no law or order; people were described as savages for their ill customs and traditions. People of Arabia worshipped idols and ancientRead MoreAnalysis Of The Republic And Augustine On City Of God1714 Words   |  7 PagesGod†. Ghazali considers both belief and knowledge as necessary for knowledge of the divine while Plato focuses solely on knowledge. On the other side, while Augustine does support the idea of a rational soul, he refutes his own claim when considering the miracles of God. In this essay I will argue that incorporating both knowledge and belief, Ghazali provides an approach in which humans gain the most knowledge of the divine because knowledge-based belief combines a necessary personal journey and f aithRead MoreProphets from the Old Testament723 Words   |  3 PagesEssay 4: Prophets The Old Testament is finished up with several different lessons that can be learned from the prophet’s teachings. There were twelve different prophets in the Old Testament, who were also known as the Minor Prophets. The Jews were anxious to know who God was, and the Old Testament prophets offered understanding to many disputes. Idolatry, social injustice and religious ritualism are three topics that are highlighted in the prophet’s teachings and impressed upon the hearts of believersRead MoreQuestions On The Islamic Faith1263 Words   |  6 PagesBreylis Riech Professor Alvarez REL3308 7 December 2015 Final Essays 3. During the course of the semester the class learned about the Islamic faith in depth. Aside from learning basic concepts between Islam, Judaism, and Christianity such as they all arise from the religion of Israel, it was also taught that there are specifics to the Muslim faith. These include Sharia Law, the Qur’an, Muhammad (pbuh), Ramadan, and the Five Pillars. They are practiced by both the Sunni and the Shia Muslims and areRead MoreIslam vs. Christianity Essay608 Words   |  3 Pagestotally different. In this essay I will compare and contrast many of the facets that make up the worlds largest and most recognized religions, Christianity and Islam. The word Islam means surrender or submission, submission to the will of Allah, the one God. Muslims are those who have submitted themselves. The basic creed of Islam is brief: There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah. Islam teaches

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Propaganda During The World War I - 1442 Words

World War 1, a war starting in 1914 and ceasing in 1918, was a time when Britain took advantage of many types of warfare, such as aviation technology and chemical warfare, no exception to these more physical types of warfare was the increased use of propaganda. In Britain propaganda became an extremely effective tool of non-physical warfare, and the government and war offices used the resource to its full extent in many different ways. Although many uses for propaganda in war one were available, the main two ways that Britain used propaganda were for enlistment and to target German’s atrocities. Enlistment was a crucial element to the war, as if no one signed up to join Britain’s war effort they would stand no chance against the opposing alliances, therefore propaganda played an important role for gaining participants and atrocity propaganda was used as a tool to target Germany to help gain supporters and to rack sympathy for Britain’s war effort. Enlistment was a crucial element to the war, as if no one signed up to join Britain’s war effort they would stand no chance against the opposing alliances, especially their main opposing force; Germany. As the British government needed as many willing participants as possible, when the war first started, techniques were used to try and gain as many candidates for the war as possible. Propaganda was one of the most powerful, influential and effective techniques for enlistment used in this time, especially for Britain. AccordingShow MoreRelatedPropaganda During World War I1796 Words   |  8 Pages Propaganda in World War I Anthony Morgan Ms. Beck Honors World Cultures Period 7 19 March 2017 Propaganda is defined as the information, ideas, or rumors which are deliberately spread widely to help towards a nation, government, or any type of cause against another. The use of propaganda can be extremely persuasive, if it is used correctly. In the time frame of July 28, 1914 to November 11, 1918, the use of propaganda in the world was being used on a global scale. It was being used throughRead MorePropaganda, Recruitment and Resistance During World War I Essay1996 Words   |  8 PagesPropaganda, Recruitment and Resistance During World War I When war broke out, the British army was professional but small. The government desperately needed a lot more troops, and they turned their heads straight to recruitment. Britain was very different to its allies in recruitment; they started the war recruiting volunteers. The Government believed that as tradition, they should not force any men into conflict; they had never done, and believed they never would. Read MoreUse of Propaganda On American Citizens During World War I Essay982 Words   |  4 PagesPropaganda was used by the government as a Mean to accomplish all their major objectives during the war. Propaganda played a very significant part in winning over the citizens of the Unites States of America in the First World War. This propaganda helped gain support for the war, and also created a high morale of the people. Although this is the definition of propaganda, the real question is how valuable really was this propaganda in influencing the views of Americans? The answer is very useful,Read MoreThe Great War : The Mobilization Of Women1596 Words   |  7 PagesTHE GREAT WAR: THE MOBILIZATION OF WOMEN In 1914 the Great War, later known as World War I, erupted throughout Europe. With isolationism’s strong hold on the American government, it was not until 1917 that the United States entered the war on the side of the Allies. With this new challenge facing the United States, propaganda began to dominate the majority of images produced in the United States during this period. With the bulk of the male population overseas much of the propaganda was geared inRead MoreRole of Women in WWI1712 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿Role of Women in WWI Abstract During the World War I, effective propaganda and publicity was used by Britain and its allies to create patriotism, recruit new soldiers, and raise funds and to justify for going on war against the enemy. Women played an important role in influencing the propaganda of World War I. Literature, music, cinema, posters and postcards were used in order to promote the war and justify its cause by Britain and its allies. World War I had a massive impact in Europe andRead MoreNazi Germany During World War I924 Words   |  4 PagesAfter World War I, Adolf Hitler formed the Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda after his rise to power in Germany. Hitler selected Dr. Joseph Goebbels as the head of the Reich Ministry to promote propaganda. â€Å"The Fà ¼hrer or Mr. Hitler explained in his book Mein Kampf why propaganda should be used to control the populace and how it had been a useful weapon for the allies during World War I. Hitler continued by criticizing the German leadership for failing to use propaganda in anyRead MorePropaganda During The 20th Century And The Onset Of World War1741 Words   |  7 PagesPropaganda has always held sway over hearts and minds. Although the United States’ first large-scale wartime experience with propaganda in its semi-modern form of ‘yellow journalism’ took place during the Spanish-American War , primitive forms of it have exist ed since the days of â€Å"the tattoo-covered Caddo warrior, whose body attests to every victory, accomplishment, or god worshiped† and â€Å"Hannibal’s titanic war elephants advancing across the Italian plain.† Even â€Å"the ‘rebel yells’ of ConfederateRead MoreComparison of Media Propaganda Used During the Two World Wars1715 Words   |  7 PagesWith this essay I will be comparing the way propaganda was used during the World Wars, what was their aim and target audiences and how they affected civilian and military moral and more importantly how art and poster design was used to properly influence and imprint ideas and morals to the viewers. I will also compare how different design techniques were used in each war and how effective or ineffective they were in each case and what their common attributes were and in what way they were differentRead MorePropaganda For The World War I1650 Words   |  7 Pagesmasses to a single viewpoint. Propagand a: â€Å"ideas or statements that are often false or exaggerated and that are spread in order to benefit a cause, a political leader, a government, etc.† Could there be a more perfect tool used to influence millions of people; whether it be promoting or bashing a person, and idea, or a nation? Something as innocent as a poster on wall seen by a passerby, but with a sentimental message that urges attention. People have used propaganda for centuries hoping to furtherRead MoreWorld War I Was Not Inevitable1681 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"World War I was not inevitable, as many historians say. It could have been avoided, and it was a diplomatically botched negotiation,† once said Richard Holbrooke, an American diplomat. Many people worldwide agree with Mr. Holbrooke, believing WWI to be a waste of human lives. Known for its ridiculous start, fueled by the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, and its huge impact on numerous countries earned it the title of the Great War. Th ough many people considered it pointless and as a war with

Management Efficiency And Solvency Ratios â€Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Management Efficiency And Solvency Ratios? Answer: Introduction Ratio analysis is the analysis of the financial statements of a company in order to evaluate the financial performance of the said organisation for a specified period. Ratio analysis helps in trend analysis where the performance of a company can be compared over a number of years and it also helps in comparison between different firms of different sizes. The ratios can be categorized into profitability, liquidity, asset management efficiency and solvency ratios (Berk Demarzo, 2016) Ratio Analysis of Veep Marketing A ratio analysis was conducted for Veep Marketing for the financial year 2017 and the results have been discussed below. Ratios 2017 Profitability Return on Equity 15.1% Profit margin 17.3% Cash flow to sales 7.9% Asset Efficiency Asset Turnover 0.9 times Days debtors 27.7 days Liquidity Current ratio 3.8 Cash flow ratio 2.2 Capital Structure Debt to equity ratio 86.4% Interest coverage ratio 14.9 times Return on Equity The return on equity measures the amount of profits that a company is able to generate from each dollar of investments made by the shareholders of the company. Here the return on equity is 15% which means the owner of Veep Marketing is able to ear 15% on the total capital contributed. Profit margin The profit margin is expressed as net income as a percentage of sales. It is the margin left after all expenses have been paid for. The companys net profit margin is an impressive 17.3% which means the company is able to earn 17.3% of profits from sale revenue of $40,010 Asset Efficiency This ratio is an indicator of how efficiently the company is using its assets to generate sales. The ratio means amount of sales generated for every dollar invested in assets in the year. A higher ratio is preferred as it means efficient asset management. Veep Marketing has an asset turnover ratio of 0.9 which means the company generates only 0.9 dollars for every 1 dollar invested. Days debtor This ratio measures the number of days it takes to convert accounts receivables into cash in the year. The days debtors for Veep Marketing is almost 28 days which means it takes the company 28 days to collect cash from its debtors. This ratio measures the ability of the company to pay for its current obligations from the current assets. Veep Marketing has a current ratio of 3.8 which means the company has 3.8 times more current assets than current liabilities and hence can easily pay for the current liabilities from its current assets. Cash flow ratio This ratio indicates how well the current liabilities can be paid from the companys available cash balance. The company has a ratio of 2.2 which means the cash balance is 2.2 times of the current liabilities of the company and the company can pay all of its current liabilities from the available cash. Capital Structuro It is the ratio of debt to equity in the companys capital structure. The ratio of the company is 86% which means of the total funds invested, 84% is comprised by debt and the rest by equity. This shows the company is highly leveraged. Interest coverage ratio It is the ratio of profits available to pay for the interest expenses if the company. The ratio for Veep Marketing is 15 times which means from the operating profit, the company can pay for its expenses 15 times. Limitations The limitations relate to the limitations of the ratio analysis. The ratios have been calculated on the basis of the data in the financial statements for the year 2017. Balance sheet has historical data, hence any effect of inflation is not taken into consideration and hence ratios may give distorted results. The qualitative factors like employees are not considered. Any changes in the external environment which may impact the analysis is not considered (Peavler, 2017) Conclusion From the above analysis, we see that the company has a satisfactory profitability, liquidity and asset efficiency. The only area where the company seems to be at risk is the capital structure. The company has more debt than equity. This makes it risky. The company should look at reducing its debt and using more owners funds to finance its operations. References Berk, J., Demarzo, P. (2016). Financial Management. Australia: Perason. Peavler, R. (2017, February 28). Advantages and Disadvantages of Ratio Analysis for Business. Retrieved September 14, 2017, from The Balance:

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How To Find Good Writing Tips For Your Application

How To Find Good Writing Tips For Your ApplicationMedical assistant essay samples can be beneficial for all prospective students. There are a lot of questions that the students may face when they decide to go for their medical careers. They may ask themselves about their experience with clinical scenarios, working as an employer and their future career paths.The essays presented in these sample essays are usually what most applicants of medical assistants will receive when they apply for the job positions. Many students tend to make certain mistakes while writing the applications and this may end up hurting their chances to get hired.Here, we are going to discuss some of the mistakes that students may commit when they are considering the usage of the essay samples. This is because there are too many tips, suggestions and solutions available online on how to ace the application processes. But most of them are not targeted towards the modern generation and do not cover the current scen ario.Students should avoid putting their personal opinions in their essay. It would be best if they could spend some time thinking before writing the essay. They must also consider the fact that not everyone may like the same things. Some may find it distasteful to read essays based on personal experiences while others might want to see the information in an objective manner.A student may put into his or her essay his or her experiences and goals, but that is not enough. They must consider the fact that all these may differ from one person to another. All they need to do is to write in such a way that it will attract the attention of the readers and may end up winning the hearts of the employers.Medical assistant essay samples are not written by just anyone and you must consider that. It would not be good if your own experiences are considered and this would not be beneficial to you when you are in the job application. The research assistants who are applying for the research positi ons must put in effort in the form of researching and analyzing the type of health care providers. This is because the employers want to get the best and the brightest in the job. And to win them over, you need to win them.

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Definitions of Essay Topics for Writing

Definitions of Essay Topics for Writing There's a selection of essay types, and every one of them is able to assist you in developing your abilities and widening your knowledge. If you still doubt whether you may deal with this kind of assignment for a definition essay alone, we're delighted to inform you that there's a great solution! Far more than 100 personal essay subjects are available right right here. Completely free amendments As the ideal essay writing service, we would like you to feel absolutely happy about your purchase. Writing an exciting conclusion can be hard, but it's very important also. It's possible to compose a fantastic blog on a plethora of random topics, but it requires skill and finesse. So, the very best start would be to interpret this kind of assignment for a definition essay so as to define and understand its features that have to be preserved. If your instructor or professor would like you to adhere to a particular style and handle a specific subject in your paper, then you can't ignore to achieve that. Writing practice should not be boring! Studying hard is fantastic, but don't neglect to study smart. There are two major means by which you can use the most frequent IELTS essay topics to your benefit. If you're going to succeed in the IELTS test you ought to be using and exposing yourself to English everyday. Exactly like an excellent doctor will be in a position to assist you fix a health issue, a great IELTS teacher will have the ability to assist you fix your individual difficulties. You aren't ready to acquire the IELTS Writing Task 2 score you have earned. Below you'll find whatever you will need to reach a high score in IELTS Writing Task 2. The Number One Question You Must Ask for Essay Topics for Writing Thinking of good ideas is among the most difficult regions of the test for a number of people. Maybe you've read somewhere that starting a blog will aid your store, and you're thinking all you need to do is post a photo of your most recent listing once in awhile. Our writing team contains experienced pros with various academic backgrounds and they're always prepared to work for you. Practice alone isn't likely to aid you. The significant distinction is that the argumentative essay should demonstrate a discussion rather than a single opinion. In case the essay is all abo ut arguing for change, find a means to inspire the reader to act. Argumentative writings is a particular sort of a paper. To start with, your key to winning essay is a very clear comprehension of what you're likely to handle. Apparently, in case you have struck a significant note throughout the paper, you wouldn't need to earn a sudden 180 degree turn. What's more, we guarantee your future paper is going to be completed in compliance with the greatest academic standards, so be positive that applying for our help, you make the ideal option. In different situations, it's way too hard to discover the ideal sources, and you need merely a bit of help to receive your paper done. Safety and anonymity When you purchase an essay from us, you don't need to be concerned about your privacy.

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Great Personal Statement Essay Samples - Writes An Admissions Essay

Great Personal Statement Essay Samples - Writes An Admissions EssayPersonal statement essays are a crucial part of an admission application and require the greatest amount of care and attention when you're writing them. Writing a great personal statement is different than writing one that others have given. The right words and information will help you land that dream job or internship, and in this article I'm going to give you some great examples of how to write a personal statement essay.The first thing you need to know when you're writing a great statement is what it is. There is a difference between personal statement essays for admissions purposes. Personal statements are not for admissions, but rather for your future employer. It's the 'how you will benefit the organization' portion of the essay.From here you will need to describe what type of work you would be doing. Do you plan to write an academic essay, a short report, or maybe even a book report? This will help you decide on a topic for your essay.Students will usually write on their own, although you may want to ask the guidance counselor to give you a few samples of what students have written. It's a good idea to use your research skills and make sure you can relate your essay to previous statements or other essay samples. Don't take any literary license or try to reinvent the wheel; instead, be original.How you express yourself also plays a large part in whether or not your essay is accepted. You must be clear and to the point but not too long. Remember that it's your chance to impress your potential employer, so you'll want to get their attention. Stick to the truth and don't try to convince them to hire you.As a college student, you should use a pen name. When you're writing your essay, writing under a fake name is important because the best candidates may be turned down because of their name. For example, if the company has a campaign saying they only hire people with real names, they might dis miss a candidate's application because of their name.Writing a personal statement is a great learning experience, but it also can be stressful. Make sure you follow all of the guidelines above and do a great job! Your employer will remember your essays the next time you apply, so make sure you make them count.These are some great examples of personal statement samples. Get a hold of the sample essays and read through them to see how you can improve your essay for the job you're applying for.